Global Citizenship

 Global Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production

Last term Mrs Garrett did an assembly all about our new project with Bo. We are all looking at ways to reduce waste and be responsible with what we throw away. In poorer countries they don’t have the facilities to recycle plastic as we do, so it can cause a lot of problems. Our link schools are encouraging children to teach their parents about re-using plastic waste instead of throwing it away.

At All Saints we are collecting old pens, glue sticks and crisp packets and sending them off to TerraCycle.

Fundraising for One World Link

Members of our Bo Club helped to prepare the buckets which were then used to collect donations at 37 Panto performances in December and early January. The charity is delighted to have raised £8,500 and is very grateful for all the volunteers who made this possible. This included 7 families from the All Saints Warwick community.


Year 6 were delighted when our MP, Matt Western, came into school to talk to us about his role and then to answer a wide range of questions about various aspects of citizenship, from food poverty in the UK to Climate Action, nature and the plastic pollution problem. We made notes as he spoke.

In English we had written persuasive letters after researching an issue of our choice. We presented the letters at a whole school assembly and Matt was very pleased to have a tour of our school which he really liked.